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Designed for trails, but used everywhere

Our markers were designed for trails, but their exceptional visibility and durability make them perfect for almost any outdoor application

Trail Systems

Our trail and track markers can be used to mark hiking trails, biking trails, or nature paths within parks, forests, or recreational areas.
  • High visibility ensures hikers can easily follow designated routes and stay on track
  • Strong durability requires less maintenance and fewer replacements 
  • Low environment leech means the markers do not impact the local habitat

Conservation Areas & Trapping

Our trail markers can assist in marking boundaries, sensitive areas, or restricted zones within conservation areas.
  • Ensure visitors stay within designated areas, minimising human impact on fragile ecosystems
  • Low environment leech means the markers do not impact the local habitat
  • Can also be used for pest control and trapping markers

Outdoor Events

Our trail markers can be employed to create temporary routes or event-specific trails for outdoor events, such as marathons, adventure races, or community gatherings. Their high visibility helps participants navigate the event safely.

Large Outdoor Properties

For large outdoor properties like golf courses, vineyards, orchards, resorts, or expansive estates, our trail markers can help guide visitors, mark designated areas, or indicate specific features, such as tee boxes, fairways, parking, or scenic spots.

Construction & Roadwork

Our durable markers can be used on construction sites to designate safe paths, mark hazards, or indicate restricted areas. Their high visibility aids in ensuring worker safety and organization within the site.

Emergency Response

Our trail markers can play a role in emergency response scenarios, where clearly marked routes or areas are critical. For example, they can be used to guide evacuation routes during natural disasters or mark designated assembly areas during emergency drills.

Research Studies

Our trail markers can assist researchers in marking sample sites, study areas, or monitoring points in ecological or environmental research studies. Their durability ensures that they remain visible for extended periods of data collection.

Military Training Exercises

Our trail markers can be used in military training exercises to mark specific areas or routes for tactical purposes. Their high visibility and durability are beneficial in outdoor training scenarios

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