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Trusted Markers so visible and durable that they navigate countries

Trusted internationally and favoured by the New Zealand Department of Conservation for over 30 years, our markers offer dependable trail coverage for 100% of the harsh New Zealand trail network. Available worldwide
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Leading the way in marking solutions, backed by science

Don’t rely on rusty metal, flimsy tape, flakey paint, or low visibility stakes.

Our plastic markers combine the best colour wavelength and optimal height ratio for visibility, paired with high-strength composite materials that stand the test of time, all in a recyclable environment-safe package.

Unmatched Visibility

Our high-visibility plastic markers ensure trails and routes are easily visible in all lighting conditions, enhancing safety and preventing visitors from getting lost.

Exceptional Durability

Crafted from UV-resistant materials, our markers maintain their vibrant colour and structure over time, eliminating the need for frequent replacement or maintenance.

Lightweight & Portable

Designed with convenience in mind, our markers are lightweight and easy to transport, simplifying installation and minimising labour costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Our markers are made from fully recyclable number 5 polypropylene, ensuring they are environmentally considerate and do not harm ecosystems.

Introducing the Outdoor Trail Marker

Configure your order to make trails and routes safer while elevating your guest experience, all at an affordable price.
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$0.40 USD*

*Based on an order quantity of 1,000 - Bulk pricing available
Triangle or rectangle shapes
Multiple colours available
Ready to ship anywhere in the world
Tested in harsh “New Zealand” conditions


Over 10 Million Units Sold


100% New Zealand DOC Trail Coverage


Years in Business

"We set out to create the best track marking solution possible, I’m proud of the unmatched durability, visibility, and sustainability our track markers offer"

Cam Thompson – 
Owner Operator

Built for trails, but used everywhere outdoors

Trail Systems / Networks
Trapping & Pest Control Areas
Outdoor Events
Large Outdoor Properties
Construction & Roadwork
Emergency Response
Research Studies
Military Training
Conservation Areas

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